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SERLET PROJECT has produced a triple tool for learning seven regional languages (apps, web and books). The users of SERLET outputs can be resumed to the following categories:

a) Tourists and all age groups’ persons (from students to seniors) eager or planning to visit a region in Europe with high cultural identity, specific traditions and patrimony.

b) Educational institutions and language schools providing education on regional languages

c) Teachers of regional languages that will benefit from an innovative teaching tool.

d) Tourist office boards, Regional agencies for tourism, Travel agencies, Holiday resorts, Hotels, Tour operators, etc. interested in providing information concerning the regional language of their area.

e) Persons that perceive an interest at cooperating with homologues from other “regions” to exchange best practices for research, methods, etc.

The participant institutions to SERLET project were five, and constitute the Partnership. They represent the countries involved in the project (FR, EL, IT, ES) and have great experience in language teaching, development of educational tools and implementation of teaching methodologies.

Moreover, given the specificity of the project, each partner has worked with regional institutions and experts in regional languages, all of which have shown great interest in the project objectives, promoting the establishment of pilot testing and dissemination tools.

During the two testing phases of the pilot application, Serlet has interested many people in each of our target groups (mentioned above). These, as well as experienced teachers of the partner institutions have evaluated the products.

So each institution involved in the project (partner agencies and members of the Partnership) has tested Serlet tools on at least 20 students / adults. In addition, about 5 teachers (per partner) were involved in the evaluation process. So during the first test phase of the pilot application, about 220 students / adults and 55 teachers participated in the evaluation process. The same number is estimated for the second test phase of the pilot application.

Of course, as soon as our apps and website were ready for use, we have distributed an evaluation test, asking all potential users to answer the questions and send their evaluation to us. The number of people that have answered the evaluation test was significant and an evaluation report was developed. People’s respond to SERLET was great because it was advertised through the social media, where the response of the users is immediate.