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Being able to communicate with locals can significantly enrich your experience of the diversity of Europe and can improve your chances for employment at these particularly touristic regions, but most important of all, can immerse you more fully into a regional culture. If you make an effort, speaking the local lingo, this can provide you with unique insights into the residents’ customs, way of life, traditions, gastronomy, history, architecture, and much more. Α learner who is keen about the target culture will be more successful in his language studies. The culturally curious learners will be more receptive to the language and more open to forming relationships with native speakers.
Anyone who is enamored of a region in Europe is receptive to its language and open to forming relationships with its native speakers. He will be keener than anyone else in studying its language.

SERLET project promotes seven regional languages to a wide target group including native students, tourists, potential employees of several sectors of activities, such as: tourism, medical, social, industries of services and people interested in local culture, ethnology and patrimony as well.

SERLET provides the target groups with a triple user friendly tool package (apps, website, book) -one package for each one of the seven regional languages-, that enables them communicate with the local people using the regional languages.

The language learning level is A1- A2.


SERLET tools (apps, website, books) can provide regional languages’ learning independently, but if the user uses a combination of all tools, he will have faster results in language learning.


Using apps in foreign language learning is a very efficient method of learning. There are more than 80 different apps for several foreign languages available, which are very popular among smartphone and tablet users.

However, our innovation is that SERLET apps are the only apps available for regional languages providing the users all the key benefits of using apps in foreign language education such as: the fast ability to access information, both practice listening or reading skills and learn about the target language culture and at the same time personalize learning by storing favorite phrases, vocabulary, videos, etc.

Apps technology for smartphones and tablets is efficient in the teaching of regional languages as it allows an easy on-the-go, at your own pace, wherever and whenever you have free time access and you can take advantage of any layover to brush up on your vocabulary or pronunciation skills.
It’s a fun and easy way to get chatting with the locals and combines visual cues, audio instructions and short videos.

The structure of each of the 7 regional language apps of SERLET project is the same, but every app contains different learning material according to the regional language needs.

Each regional language app includes the following:

a) a) 20 enjoyable lessons packed with many hours of high quality audio instructions and short videos. Each lesson is full of visual and audio clues to help learners immerse and to start learning the regional language from an increasingly complex input over the course of the program.

The lessons* include the following subjects:
1. Colors/ shapes
2. Numbers and Counting/ Time,
3. Days/ Months/Seasons/ Weather
4. Family and Relationships,
5. Formal and informal greetings,
6. Food, cooking and Drink,
7. Clothing / Furniture
8. Moods and Attitudes,
9. Housing and gardening
10. Places and directions
11. Social / Economic activities
12. Education and Employment
13. Medical / Urgency
14. History of the region
15. Nature and landscape
16. Economic activities
17. Tourism / Accommodation
18. Cultural patrimony 1
19. Cultural patrimony 2
20. Music and folklore

*The last seven lessons are unique for each regional language.

Each lesson includes:
• vocabulary with audio pronunciation
• dialogues including conversational and grammatical elements in regional languages with translations in official language and English
• short videos showing locals using the lesson’s material in real life situations with translation in official language and English
• option of recording your own voice and compare your pronunciation with the native speakers
• option of storing your favorite phrases, vocabulary, videos etc., thus personalizing your learning
• option of reviewing the material easy and fast
• connection with social media (Facebook etc.) in order to exchange material with friends from a virtual platform.(web 2.0).

b) a virtual map of the region including cultural information. As for introducing each lesson, a major element of the culture of the region is presented. This can be a monument, a tradition that is typical of the region and which reveals its uniqueness in Europe.


SERLET website was developed in 4 language versions plus English (for promotional reasons) and 7 regional languages summaries and supports users that don’t use smartphones or tablets and prefer learning through PCs.

SERLET WEB includes:
a) all 20 regional language lessons with their sub-parts
b) history and cultural information
c) videos
d) a promotional part that advertises SERLET outcomes including connection with social media for online chatting                                                                                                     e) news from dissemination activities


SERLET also provides learning material for learners that don’t use yet the latest technologies (smarphones, tablets, PCs) or who prefer classical learning and for users who prefer combined learning (technology innovation + classic learning through books).

For each regional language we have developed a different book (7 books in total). Each book contains:

a) All 20 enjoyable lessons including the following parts:
• the flexible vocabulary included in the apps and website with its translation in the official language and English plus the phonetics of the words, for understanding their pronunciation.
• the dialogues, conversational and grammatical material
• the cultural information that reveals the magic of each region