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Founded in 1765 and reopened in 1981, the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli is the only University institution established in Corsica.

Located in Corte, it accounts for about 4300 students and 170 PhD students a year, 300 members of faculty and 500 speakers.

It is a multidisciplinary Public Institution offering a range of more than 100 diplomas awarded by 8 faculties, institutes and schools.

The University pursues a scientific policy, notably in the disciplines dedicated to the research on the Corsicans Identity and Culture and its Linguistic Patrimony. The University of Corsica is labeled by major research organizations such as CNRS, INRA, INSERM and CEA.

The University of Corsica is from August 2014 the main Beneficiary of the project and has assumed all the inherent duties and obligations attached to the role of the Coordinator.



  • Management of the project
  • Financial administration of the project
  1. Contribution to the project’s quality plan;
  2. Translation of the web’s promotional part;
  3. Participation to the needs analysis research;
  4. Selection of Subjects/ organization of regional language material;
  5. Development of the Corsican language material for: the Apps, Interactive web site, Books;
  6. Recording of the Corsican language materials to a professional studio;
  7. Development of short videos with locals from the target regions.
  8. Participation to project meetings;
  9. Participation to the pilot application of the project’s outputs (two phases) and evaluation of results;
  10. Development of dissemination materials (pamphlets, posters, newsletters etc.) and organization of events;
  11. Participation to the exploitation strategy and to the project’s sustainability.