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MEANDROS LTD. (ΜΑΙΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΕΠΕ), (Coordinating institution) from Athens (GR) was founded in 1993. Meandros Ltd. is a Limited Company.

SIZE/PERSONNEL: Meandros Ltd. is a traditional family company with seven persons as full time personnel and between ten to fifteen persons as part time staff, mainly professionals from all fields of Education and Science.

EXPERIENCE: The Publishing House has great experience in the development of educational material and a specialization in books and educational CD ROMs. Meandros Ltd. has a long tradition in providing Greek students with educational material for primary and secondary schools, as well as books for adults. The institution collaborates with schools and universities all over Greece and organises educational seminars and lectures. The Publishing House edits a Scientific Newspaper with 15.000 recipients all over Greece.

Meandros Ltd. is continuously publishing new works related to students’ and adult continuous education and therefore is in constant collaboration with several teachers and experts from different scientific fields.
Also, Meandros is working with different types of groups among which: pupils, students, immigrants, etc. and is organizing seminars and special events inviting as speakers professors from all fields of education.

As far as the institution’s experience in cooperation at national and transnational level, we must note the following: Meandros Ltd. is cooperating with the Greek Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture for preparing educational brochures, special editions etc.
The institution has an excellent cooperation with schools and training centres from Athens’ region and from certain other cities of Greece such as Thessalonica, Patras, Larissa and Heraklion, Crete.

Also, in a European level, the institution cooperates with other Publishing Houses and Educational institutions from Cyprus, United Kingdom and France.

Also, MEANDROS owns a powerful dissemination tool which is an online Newspaper named which has an online translator for more than 100 languages. NONPAPERNEWS.GR has large accessibility not only from Greece, but from all over Europe and US and can be used for the promotion of the project’s outputs.

Meandros has experience in multilateral projects and has coordinated three successful projects funded by the European Commission. APPLE project has received the European language Label (2007) award from the Romanian Government and was included within the “European Success Stories” (2009) of the EC and INCA project has received a high score of 9/10 for its final report and was included in the list of top projects for its dissemination activities. “First steps in DE, IT and EL” was also a very successful Grundtvig project for immigrants.

Also, Meandros Ltd. has participated to two successful European Commission’s projects related to “Drugs’ prevention” and is constant collaborating with institutions from United Kingdom, France, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.


The coordinator’s role in the project

a) Contribution to the project’s quality plan;
b) Overall Coordination of the project and supervision of the subcontractors;
c) Development of the web’s promotional part;
d) Participation to the needs analysis research;
e) Participation to the Management board;
f)Translation of the web’s promotional part;
g) Selection of Subjects/ organization of regional language material (Cretan);
h) Development of Cretan language material for: the Apps, Interactive web site, Books;
i) Recording of Cretan language material to a professional studio; Development of short videos with locals from the target regions.
k) Participation to four project meetings;
l) Participation to the pilot application of the project’s outputs (two phases) and evaluation of results;
m) Development of dissemination materials (pamphlets, posters, newsletters etc.) and organization of events;
n) Participation to the exploitation strategy and to the project’s sustainability.