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The Association, Centro Formazione e Servizi “Lingua +”, founded in June 2007 with its permanent staff and part-time teachers, has since its inception always proposed initiatives aimed at the promotion and development of training applied to education. These include socialisation and interaction between school, the world of work and civil society to promote the employment of young adults, as well as people living in situations of social disadvantage.
Another aspect of this is the encouragement of personal and professional growth of the individual through meetings and gatherings in the name of cultural interests. In addition, an objective of the Association is to promote the development and teaching of Sicilian history, literature and linguistic heritage joined to the various expressions of contemporary culture.

The Association Centro Formazione e Servizi “LINGUA+” has always been willing to implement and participate in new initiatives and projects. The Association is accredited by the Sicilian Regional Ministry of Education and Training (accreditation number EM2004). Furthermore the Association complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the planning, development and delivery of training (Certificate Number 8866-BM Trade Certification).

Activities of the Association

The main activities of the Association are the organisation and management of foreign language courses (English, French, Spanish and German) and Italian language courses for people from abroad. The Italian language courses also combine aspects of Sicilian culture and heritage in its different facets.

Another area of the Association is the organisation of courses and internships abroad (England, France, Spain and Germany).
Since 2007, in collaboration with institutes and schools, the Association has organised around 70 language projects (in Italy) and 10 language projects (internships or courses) abroad, funded by the European Community. These projects aimed to improve skills in general and sector specific areas of language.

The association has also developed language courses and vocational training, funded by the European Community and the Sicilian Region, for private companies who require upgrading the linguistic and I.T skills of their staff (Internationalisation of company).
With regards to the reception of foreign people wishing to attend Italian courses, Lingua+ has already begun a fruitful collaboration with several tourist agencies, hotels and restaurants to improve services, and with local cultural associations for the promotion of the Sicilian territory. All these projects are carried out by qualified personnel with proven and pluriannual experience.


The partner’s role in the project was:

a) Participation to the project’s quality plan;
b) Participation to the web’s promotional part;
c) Participation to the needs analysis research;
d) Participation to the Management board;
e) Translation of the web’s promotional part;
f) Selection of Subjects/ organization of regional languages material (Sicilian, Sardinian);
g) Development of Sicilian and Sardinian language material for: the Apps, Interactive web site, Books;
h) Recording of Sicilian and Sardinian language material to a professional studio; Development of short videos with locals from the target regions.
i) Participation to four project meetings;
k) Participation to the pilot application of the project’s outputs (two phases) and evaluation of results;
l) Development of dissemination materials (pamphlets, posters, newsletters etc.) and organization of events;
m) Participation to the exploitation strategy and to the project’s sustainability.